Gag! Explore the Ick factor
with ORB Organ-ICKS.

ORB Organ-icks™ are the wackiest slimy creations that make GROSS great. Filled with real ORB™ slimi, they’re delightfully disgusting! Collect them, ooze them, drip, glop and trade them. ORB Organ-icks™ come in canned and boxed varieties, featuring a selection of silly, textured mix-ins and smelly scents to get the senses going.

Barf Nuggetz


Poopi Puffz

Boo-nano Skream PI

Sqwish Chowdah

Slimeghetti & Muckballs

Chik'N & Lyce Goop

Snotberry Sneezecake

Mukk'N Cheeze

Download these awesome posters

Explore the Ick factor with These ORB Organ-ICKS posters. Four unique posters to choose from! or download them all.